How To Eliminate Bacteria From a Walk In Bath


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These simple precautions can help eliminate harmful bacteria from your walk in bath.How To Eliminate Bacteria From a Walk In Bath

Walk in baths are a growing necessity for those seniors who are living on their own. In fact, walkin baths have been adopted by more and more facilities that serve seniors for many of the same reasons. Primarily, they help seniors with day-to-day protection against falls by simplifying the bathing process, and this ensures that seniors aren't reliant on others for their daily needs. In cases where aides are present, it helps ensure that aides aren't required to lift patients unnecessarily. This explains why they are so critical in homes that serve aging persons. However, despite their popularity, a question that nags at some homeowners is how to eliminate bacteria from a walk in bath.

First, it should be emphasized that walkin baths are really no different than a shower or regular bathtub. Perhaps they are superior since they are usually very new. As you know, newer bath products are made of materials that clean much easier than materials used by past generations. This is true especially when compared to the porcelain, tile or older man-made materials that a new walk in bath generally has replaced.

Second, walk in baths don't add to the load of bacteria that is generally seen in a regular tub or shower. This is a misperception, probably due to the fact that it is more obvious that a person is walking into a walkin bath. Of course, the same person would be putting the same feet into a regular tub and then sitting right in that water. A walk in bath ensures that a person with limited mobility can bathe without a struggle. It doesn't mean that they will trade off true cleanliness. Walkin baths can be cleaned and maintained just as easily, if not more easily, than any other type of tub or shower. A walk in bath is easier than a regular tub to be cleaned since the door allows the owner or a maid to reach all of the tub's surfaces.

So, back to the central question, what are the best ways to eliminate bacteria from a walkin bath? One option to keep the bacteria away is to purchase a daily spray which attaches to the shower wall. Generally these are found in the bath cleaning aisle. They apply a sheen of cleaner each time a person pushes the button. This keeps dirt, bacteria and mold from getting a foothold in the bath. Essentially, this operates on the principle that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Another way to minimize bacteria is to "bathe before you bathe". Use wet wipes to clean private areas and feet before getting into the bath. This will decrease the amount of bacteria that you bring with you into the bathtub.

Well-made walk in baths usually need only the minimum of regular cleaning. They are already resistant to mold and mildew and need only to be maintained on a regular basis. Use only the type of cleaners recommended by the manufacturer.

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