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Dual Stair Lift Installation


Before purchasing a curved stair lift for your home, consider that it may be possible for two straight stair lifts to do the same job for less money. Considering that a curved stair lift can cost up to 10 times as much as a double stair lift installation, it is important to know exactly what options are available before you make your decision.

Why a Curved Stair Lift?

For many, AmeriGlide’s straight stair lifts provide an excellent way to increase safety, without sacrificing independence. However, not everyone has a straight staircase, so it might be necessary to consider using a stair lift that is curved.

If your staircase is curved, you might be faced with the difficult decision of purchasing a curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts end up costing a lot more than a stair lift designed for a straight staircase. This is because a curved stair lift must be custom fit to the curve of your staircase.

Unlike straight staircases, which typically only differ in their length, builders do not adhere to any set standard when making a curved staircase. As a result, two houses that are right next door to one another could have completely different shaped curved staircases.

Since there is not a standard in building a curved staircase, it is necessary for the curved stair lift track to be custom made to fit the curved staircase, which can easily take in excess of two months. It also results in a very expensive stair lift, easily over 10 times as expensive as a straight stair lift. The installation can also take a while, since it is much more complicated and needs to be completed by a professional installation service.

One of the other disadvantages of choosing to go with a curved stair lift is that it has little re-sale value. A used curved stair lift will only work in a home that has a curved staircase identical to the original curved stair lift owner. Pretty much as soon as you have a curved stair lift made to fit your curved staircase, the resale value may be lost. You also cannot take it with you to a new home unless it has an identical staircase.

Watch out for curved stair lift resellers. These companies will take an old curved stair lift and manually reshape the metal track in an attempt to fit your staircase. This greatly weakens the integrity of the track and can be very dangerous. A good indication of this is the cost and the length of the warranty. If they are only covering it for around a year and it is much less expensive than other curved stair lifts, you should be extremely cautious.

An Alternative to a Curved Stair Lift

On some staircases it is possible to install two straight stair lifts, instead of going with a curved stair lift. This is called a double installation and will only work if the stair case is shaped like an ‘L’ and has a 90-degree bend. It also needs to have a landing in the middle.

When going with a double installation, you will install a straight stair lift onto each leg of the ‘L.’ Many times this alternative works, and it is much less expensive than a curved stair lift. The double installation allows for you to have a stair solution set up in days as opposed to months.


Some Advantages of a Double Stair Lift Installation

  • Can save at least $10,000
  • Can move your stair lifts to a new home
  • Can re-sell your stair lifts and recoup a sizable portion of your investment
  • Can install the two straight stair lifts on your own
  • Can be up and running in less than a week as opposed to over two months


If you do not have a straight staircase, please call us or contact one of our stair lift experts. A double installation could save you a great deal of money and time.

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