Aging In Place: Enjoying Your Home Well Into Your Golden Years


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An elderly couple enjoying their golden years together.Aging In Place: Enjoying Your Home Well Into Your Golden Years

Now that you have reached your golden years, said to be the best years of your life, you might be finding that your home is a bit overwhelming for your slower paced life style. Aging in place is becoming more important to senior citizens since they have worked so hard to buy and maintain their home and once they have an empty nest, most do not want to leave the place where they spent many happy years raising families and spending time with friends. As long as your health allows, it is advisable to stay in your current home and make necessary changes to keep your home safe and comfortable. In this way you can maintain your independence without sacrificing safety and your well being.

One safety concern is the bathroom, especially the bathtub, since it is slippery and you must climb over the side. It is advisable to get a walk-in bathtub designed especially for seniors. Walk in bathtubs for seniors and the disabled are available in several sizes and configurations to suit your space needs, and feature neutral colors that will match most existing bathroom decor. The swinging door allows you to walk into the bathtub, stepping up a mere 7 inches or less, sit down on the seat and begin to fill the walk in bathtub. This small upgrade to your home will help you to age in place without giving up baths or needing assistance in using a regular bathtub.

Another way to make your home comfortable during your golden years is to install a stair lift if your home has more than one floor. Stair lifts are simple to install and come in many styles including battery operated models. Stair lifts make going up and down the stairs much easier on your body and come in handy if you have some surgery or have guests in your home who will need to use it. Swivel seats make getting into and out of the chair simple. There are new and used stair lifts for every budget.

You probably haven't heard of dumb waiters for many years, but they are gaining popularity among seniors who are aging in place. If you are still in a multi-storied home, after installing a dumb waiter you will wonder how you ever lived without it. They are perfect for moving laundry, books, and food from floor to floor. If you aren't able to get your washing machine and dryer on your main living level, imagine how convenient it would be to never need to lug another laundry basket up and down the stairs!

Some other minor changes that you can do to make your home more comfortable in your golden years are to install safety railings on stairs and in the bathrooms. If you have rugs in your home, make sure that they have a non-skid backing on them or give them away since they have the potential to cause a fall. If you are in a walker but still able to live at home, you might also consider a scooter to give you more mobility. They are not expensive and provide you with transportation. Chose a model with a basket so that you can easily go out to get groceries or deliver some fresh baked cookies to your grandkids!

Small, simple changes to your home will help keep it a place that you can enjoy for many years to come without sacrificing safety. Staying at home will keep you happier and healthier while you enjoy your golden years.


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